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Borrowing smarter

How can I pay down my credit card debt?

Get some valuable advice about paying down your credit card debt, and maintaining healthy credit going forward.

Budgeting | Credit cards | Debt repayment

Is now the time to switch from a Variable to a Fixed Rate Mortgage?

By asking yourself a few key questions about your lifestyle and tolerance for risk, you can make a decision that you're comfortable with.

Mortgage | Mortgage rates

Protect your family with life and disability insurance on your line of credit

Sometimes unexpected events can disrupt even the most carefully thought out plans. Learn how insurance on your Line of Credit can protect you when you need it most.

Line of credit | Family finances

Save on interest costs with a line of credit

Line of credit | Credit cards

Credit rating basics

Budgeting | Credit score

What affects your credit rating?

Budgeting | Credit score

Knowing your "financial self" can help you make borrowing choices that suit you best

Line of credit | Loans

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