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Senior life

The Financial Cost of Care

Learn more about the costs that you need to consider with any new, or change in, caregiving situations. Brought to you by Elder Caring Inc.

Senior care | Caregiving

Prepare yourself for a caregiving situation

Being part of the “Sandwich Generation” can be challenging. By understanding how to plan and what to look out for when taking care of your children and parents at the same time can help make things easier.

Senior care | Caregiving

Balancing Work and Care

There are ways of making life easier for a “working caregiver” and resources that they should know about to help them maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Senior care | Caregiving

Ways to protect yourself from fraud – a guide for Canadian seniors

Understand all your sources of retirement income

Retirement | Retirement income

Understand your options to get the most from your retirement income

Retirement | Retirement income

Retirement ready? Top 5 things to consider when withdrawing from your RRIF.

Retirement | Retirement income

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