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How to effectively negotiate for a car at a dealership

If you’re looking to buy a new car, you should know how to effectively negotiate for the best price. Make sure you get a fair deal – learn when to shop, how to compare prices, and where the money really goes.

Loans | Car loans

Protect your biggest investment

Buying a new home? Learn about your options for protecting your home with the right coverage.

Mortgage insurance

Common mistakes made by home buyers

Worried about making a mistake when buying your first home? You’re not alone. Check out the most common mistakes made by first time home buyers. And not to worry – we can help!

Buying your first home | Down payment | Home renovations

The Sound of Small Business Podcast # 4 - Salima Virani

Starting a business | Small business | Small business cash flow

The Sound of Small Business Podcast # 3 - The Oyster Group

Retirement | Small business

Meet the Johnsons

Line of credit | Credit cards | University

New to Canada? An RBC Canadian Immigrant award winner share’s her advice for newcomers

Budgeting | Buying your first home

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